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Check your VISA® account through
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Simply click on the "Log In" next to "Visa Account" above. 

Balance Transfer Program
From time to time, Norfolk Fire offers a Balance Transfer Program to move your credit card balances from other financial institutions for a limited lower rate.  Ask us about this program.

Card Protection
Register your VISA Credit Card at

Register your information and you can see your VISA card balance and history.

Do not use your Debit Card online.  This could provide access to hackers to your checking account.

Credit Cards*
*Graphics on the cards displayed are not representative of cards issued.

Visa Credit Cards Visa Debit Cards
For members who qualify, we offer a Platinum Visa with rates as low as 9%.

Apply for yours today!

Check your VISA account through

Click into the site and register your info and you can see your VISA card balance and history.

Visa, accepted worldwide.
The prefect debit or check ATM card!  Easy to use!  Great for travel!

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The amount of purchase is automatically debited from your checking account.

Accepted worldwide at Visa/Plus System ATMs
Pay your bills with your Visa or Debit card   Two ways to pay your Visa Bill
Using your NFDFCU credit or debit card is an easy and rewarding way to pay your bills, such as utilities, car insurance and more.

Depending on your card's features, you can enjoy benefits like these:
  • No more  missed payments with Automatic Bill Pay
  • Make last-minute payments with Manual Bill Pay
  • Save time & eliminate hassles of check writing and mailing
  • View all payments of your bills on a single statement
  You control when and how much you pay*.

Simply review your bill before authorizing the transaction — great for making last-minute payments.

Your Visa bills are automatically paid at the scheduled time you’ve chosen. Visa bills are always paid on time so you’ll never worry about due dates or missed payments. 

You can also have your Visa paid through Bill Pay!

Learn more by visiting Visa website. 

*No less than minimum payment
Important Phone Numbers regarding Visa and Debit Cards
Lost/Stolen Visa: 800-991-4964
Lost/Stolen Debit Card: 800-991-4965
Visa Disputes: 800-600-5249
Visa Customer Service 800-423-7503