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Captain Eugene

Christie Eugene
1928 - 2010

Christie Eugene:

"I'm proud of the good we do," Eugene said in 2006. "Sometimes that's giving a member a car loan or helping them put their children through college. Or sometimes it's something really special, like the member we helped out with a loan to travel to China to adopt a child. That little girl still looks at me like a grandfather; those are the things you really remember. Credit unions really are special, and I'm proud to say that I've got children and grandchildren who don't even know what a bank is; all they've ever known is their credit union."

Kathy Galland:

"Christie really showed me that the members are what counts. Not what the regulators want, not following policies verbatim, just helping people achieve their financial goals. Together, we took the credit union from $13 million in assets to almost $30 million, realizing a personal goal of his to surpass $25 million in assets. The staff and  membership cared deeply for Christie... he will be missed."

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Tribute to Captain Christie Eugene

"To members at the Norfolk Fire Department Federal Credit Union, he was simply “Captain Eugene,” a veteran of three decades of service to the Norfolk Fire Department. To his credit union friends, he was something of a living legend, whose wit, wisdom and leadership is cherished to this day."

Christie, originally from New York City, moved to Norfolk after a brief stint in the U.S. Navy. He became a professional firefighter and was made Captain after only 5 years. To this date, he remains the youngest fire captain in the history of Norfolk Professional Firefighters.

Seldom do we run across a man of better temperament or a more gentlemanly, considerate and dedicated one than our own Christie Eugene. Ever the optimist, his service to the credit union movement, locally and nationally for the past 61 years, has earned him the respect and admiration of credit union leaders at every level throughout this great movement.

Christie first became active in credit unions in 1949, serving as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee at the Norfolk Fire Department Federal Credit Union. He has also served on several other committees, and was Chairman of the Board from 1960-1965. Christie has been an active member of the Board of Directors, serving as its Treasurer, since 1966. Christie remained on the Board and also as a staff member until his untimely death on September 12, 2010.

Christie has also been active at the Chapter Level, serving on various committees from 1970 – 1988. He was President of the Tidewater Chapter from 1973-1975.

Christie was active at the state level, serving on the Virginia Credit Union League on many committees and was Chairman of the Virginia Credit Union League Board of Directors from 1983-1985. He was also active at Virginia Corporate from 1985-2000, serving as Chairman from 1991-1995.

Since 1981, when he first became a National Director for Credit Union National Association, he has rendered faithful and outstanding service to the growth, protection and preservation of the credit union movement. He served on CUNA’s Audit Committee, Governmental Affairs Committee, Marketing Committee, Personnel Policies Committee, Internal Planning Committee, and the CUNA Service Group Advisory Board.

In 1987, he was selected Secretary to the CUNA Board and in 1989, he went on to be Vice Chairman. In 1991, Christie Eugene was elected to the prestigious position of Chairman of the Board of the Credit Union National Association, a position he served with honor and distinction for two years, and one not held by another Virginian in the history of the Virginia Credit Union League, until this year.

Christie believes that credit unions exist, people helping people, and that the members are what make credit unions work. He will often go outside of the box to assist members in realizing their dreams.

His zeal, his personal sacrifices, his devotion, and his allegiance to the credit union principles and philosophy have no limits. He is respected, honored and beloved by credit union members and leaders nationwide.

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